When Liquids are Liquids or Maybe Not: Nano Seminar Series

120 Latimer Hall
  • Prof. Thomas P. Russell, Univ of Massachusetts / Polymer Science and Engineering
We introduce systems of liquids trapped in non-equilibrium configurations by interfacial assemblies of nanoparticle surfactants (‘NPSs’). These constructs consist of aqueous threads, length ~10-100 cm and diameter ~100 m whose mechanical properties are determined by an interfacial NPS assembly 20 nm thick. The interfacial layer consists of nanoparticles and polymers with complementary...

BLISS Seminar: Gaussian limits in two inference problems

212 Cory Hall
  • Jingbo Liu, MIT
Distribution limits in large systems are often the key to understanding the fundamental limits or designing inference algorithms, though sometimes not immediately recognized. I would like to discuss two pieces of my recent work with this flavor. One piece of work concerns inference on trees. Evans, Kenyon, Peres, and Schulman (2000) and Mossel (2004) conjectured that the Kesten-Stigum (KS)...

Dissertation Talk: Human Intranet: Connecting Wearable and Implantable Devices

Rabaey room 2108 Allston Way (Berkeley Wireless Research Center)
  • Ali Moin, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
With the explosive growth of the smart society and Internet of Things, enormous amounts of information are available in the enhanced world around us and the cyber-world beyond. Hence the traditional human input/output modalities (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch as inputs, and motor control as output) no longer have the necessary bandwidth or expressiveness to effectively deal with...

Power and Energy Seminar: Time-of-use rate plans to create a smarter energy future.

380 Soda Hall
  • Susan Norris, PG&E
Many California residential electric customers are transitioning to Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plans as part of statewide efforts to create a smarter energy future and healthier environment while balancing the need to keep customer rates affordable. PG&E will soon transition eligible customers from their standard tiered rate plan to the new “Time-of-Use Peak Pricing 4-9p.m. Every Day”. Learn more...

Visa Info-Session

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall

Wish Info-Session

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Nvidia Info-Session

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